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The Cathouse

A small clutch of thatched, whitewashed dwellings could once be found at the top of Moss Lane and fronting what we now call Parkside Lane, ( in the area now occupied by C&C Supplies).

The largest of these premises was an ancient ale house known as The Cathouse. Its title seems to have given the small hamlet its name.

‘Cathouse’ is rather obscure, but it is thought that during the 16th and 17th Centuries that the name ‘Cat’ was used as a nickname for a whore…. and a Cathouse was where their ‘services’ could be procured!

The old pub was demolished about 1898 and replaced by a new Cathouse Inn. This was demolished as recently as 1989 before C & C Supplies was built on the site.

Even now, the old name still survives, though the hamlet has long since disappeared.