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Our Current Projects

Heritage Plaque project

Garstang has several blue plaques on historic buildings around the town. We are exploring the possibility of adding to these plaques, with other sites of significance already identified.

New locations could commemorate people who have contributed to the history and heritage of the town, famous people who may have been born, died, or worked at places in the town, historic buildings, sites of significance, significant events etc.

If you have any ideas as to places that may be of significance please let us know.

One of the existing blue plaques

Heraldic Banners project

Around the Millennium in 2000 the town displayed a number of heraldic banners along the High Street. These were designed and made by local people and depicted the Coats of Arms of local families, as well as the Market Cross and Greenhalgh Castle. The photograph below shows the Market Cross banner and the Coat of Arms banner of the Rigmaden family.

Photograph courtesy of Michael Coleran

Unfortunately the banners became tattered and beyond repair, and had to be disposed of.

We hope to reproduce the banners and get them put back up along the High Street again, and we are working with Garstang Town Council to push this project forwards.