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Stoops Hall

Stoops Hall was built in 1882. The name ‘Stoops’ originates
from a type of building, which rested on ‘stoops’ or posts’.

The Poppy Trail plaque is located on the side of the building, on the wall near the Kings Arms.

From 1908 the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment had two Territorial Force Battalions, the 4th with headquarters at Ulverston, and the 5th with headquarters in Lancaster. 

On the outbreak of the First World War both of these battalions were mobilised, and both started recruiting for more men.

The Fleetwood Company of the 5th (Territorial Force) Battalion of the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment had a drill station in Garstang prior to the First World War, and it is believed that this was one of the places in Garstang that men would have enlisted, the other being the Town Hall in the Market Place.

At this time there were stables to the rear of the Kings Arms, where the battalion stabled their horses.

The photograph below shows men from the 5th Battalion outside the Drill Hall in 1911, preparing for the Parade for the Coronation of King George V.

Photograph by kind permission of the King’s Own Museum, Lancaster.